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No MWI or Outlook cap. after voice VLAN implemtati

using: Unity 2.4 Build<br> CallManager 3.0(9) <br><br>Last week we implemented a Voice VLAN onto our network, putting all ports connected to IP phones in auxiliary vlan 14, as well as CM and the Voice Gateway in VLAN 14. The PC's are plugged into the IP phone switch port. Routing is set up b/w the Voice VLAN and the data VLAN (VLAN 1) via an MSFC on a Cat6000 running CatOS 6.2 on Supervisor. All is well with the voice network, however, phones no longer give a MWI light when there is a voice mail, AND it is impossible to hear voice mail when the Outlook message arrives. <br><br>Outlook gives the error message, "The specified phone number does not answer" when you try to listen from there.<br><br>Does UNITY have to be in the Voice VLAN? Right now it is located on the Exchange Server which is located in VLAN 1.<br><br>Right now, it is possible to dial into a Unity voice port from the IP phone and check voice mail. <br><br>Unity has been restarted.<br><br>How can I get my MWI's and Outlook capabilities back?<br><br>I'm very new to Unity and I searched the archives for this, but didn't find an answer?? <br><br>thanks in advance,<br>jason<br><br>

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Re: No MWI or Outlook cap. after voice VLAN implemtati

it would be much appreciated :)

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