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No portability on some IP phone features?

Does anyone now if some features configured on the IP phone is not able to use or applied when the IP phone is moved to the different seating location in the office?

I thought all the configurations are saved and retrieved from the CCM so there is no change eventhough the phone is relocated to different place. My customer heard this rumar that there are some features that can't be used when relocated. Is that true?

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Re: No portability on some IP phone features?

No - CCM stores the configuration, and isn't aware of where the phone physically is (or even what subnet it is on). That's why you have to manually specify the 'location' of the phone for CAC purposes.

If you move a phone between two offices you may find that since CM doesn't know it's moved, you might break CAC - leading to oversubscribed voice queues. You could also end up with an SRST reference that you can't actually reach when your local WAN connection is down, as CCM has a static SRST reference defined.

Finally if you make an emergency call, it may come out through a PSTN connection at a different site which can cause problems with emergency services response..

This changes a little in CallManager 4.2 in that you can add subnets to CCM, and have phone autotically update their location info for CAC/Call Routing purposes...

It's not in CM5.0, should be in 5.1 I understand...



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Re: No portability on some IP phone features?

Thanks Aaron.

You're comment was very helpful.

I will tell this information and tell it to my customer.



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