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No "Barge" option on a shared line

I have 2 phones, a 7912 with number xxxx and a 7940 with that same xxxx number assigned to the second button (therefore creating a shared line). Both buttons (1 on each phone) ring if you dial xxxx - confirming this is the case. If I make a call from the 7912 then the icon changes on that line on the 7940 to a picture of 2 handsets (I assume to indicate it is in use). However, despite ensuring a softkey template including barge,cbarge and privacy is on both handsets, I do not appear to be presented with the "barge" key. I am not quite sure when this is supposed to appear, but I don't see it when the phone is on-hook, off-hook with non-shared line or off-hook with shared line. It's as if the phone is never encountering the "remote in use" status that the softkey template refers to.

I notice in the implementation guide makes reference to users and associating the necessary devices to users. I am trying to test this facility on 2 phone with static configurations and no user association - is this the problem ? or am I not using it correctly ?


Re: No "Barge" option on a shared line

What callmanager version are you running?

Do you have "Barge Enable Flag" in the service parameters set to true ?

Barge Enabled Flag : This parameter specifies valid vaues as True or False. If the parameter is set to True, the system allows the barge function on remote in-use state for shared line devices; otherwise, system does not allow this feature.

This is a required field.

Default: false.

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