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No "Skip Summary" Option in v4.02

We recently upgraded from v3.1.3 to v4.02 and have several users reporting that entering menu options "1", "1", "#" when reviewing mesages no longer works to skip the message summary and go directly to the message. I checked the v4.02 user guides and I don't see any option to skip the message summary. Was this option eliminated altogether?

Is there any other way to accomplish this and still allow the users to get the message summary when they wish?

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Re: No "Skip Summary" Option in v4.02

Yes, the skip header stuff was removed in 4.x. From the UI folks:


The driving force for the change was from users who didn't understand the header, body, footer concept and didn't know how many times to press # to skip a message. We were getting a lot of complaints on this.

These users may have automated the skipping of the header and footer. They would be better served by letting them ask for the summary rather than making them skip it. To do that:

1. Set up Unity so that the message properties these users don't want to hear are not played. This can be done on the conversations page for subscribers in the SA.

2. Using the Unity conversation, these users can access message properties by pressing 5 after the message plays. During the message, #5 will play the properties.

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Re: No "Skip Summary" Option in v4.02

Ok. Great. I did some testing with this info and I think this will be a solution for them. Thank you.

Also, with v4.02 I found that the properties option is "9" and "#9" (not 5).

Thanks again.

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