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no ringback after ext. is entered in call handler

Unity 3.1(2c)---TSP 3.0.3<br><br>Here's the situation: When callers dial an extension from within a call handler, they are "released to (the) switch" and transfered to the users phone. During this transfer, the caller does not hear a ringback tone. After the designated number of seconds for forward no answer, they are transferred back into the subscribers greeting.<br><br>How can I enable ringback or music on hold for the callers while they are waiting for the called party to answer?<br><br>Thanks.<br><br>


Re: no ringback after ext. is entered in call handler

This is only for external callers, you have an IOS gateway and it happens on all transfers, not just when Unity does it, correct?

The H.323 spec does not provision for ring back after the call is connected. It was changed as a 'feature enhancement' rather than a bug because of this. DDTS ID for IOS side is CSCds87266. DTTS ID for CM side is CSCds11354.

What version of code do you have on the gateway? You need 12.2(3) or later. You also need CM 3.0(10) or later which you already have.


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Re: no ringback after ext. is entered in call handler

On the IOS gateway, I am running Version 12.1(5)T9. It is for external callers only. I don't know if it is for all transfers, I know for sure it happens when transfering from Unity - but it probably is for all because Unity ports are just 7900 phones anyway.

To fix a problem I was having earlier with no ringback when calling to a DID on a phone through the gateway, I had to add the following commands:

voice dial-peer # pots
progress_ind alert enable 8
voice dial-peer # voip
progress_ind setup enable 3

Also, in this link, it mentions that the "voice call send-alert" command is needed to support ringback for PBX/PSTN calls through an IOS gateway. Would it hurt to enable this feature?

Thanks for the DDTS ID's. I was able to locate this website which seems to offer a couple solutions to the problem:

The link offers two possible solutions: (1) I have to use MGCP instead of H.323 (not going to happen), or (2) upgrade to 12.2(3) or higher on the gateway and set the "ToSendH225UserInfoMsg" to true in Call Manager. Are there any drawbacks to upgrading from 12.1(5)T9 to 12.2(3) or higher on a VG200? What is a good stable image at or above 12.2(3) to run h.323 w/PRI on a VG200?


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