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Non Assigned DID to Unity?

Any best practices to push non assigned DID numbers to a Unity VM box? Customer does not like the error tone sent back to Telco when CM rejects calls.



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Re: Non Assigned DID to Unity?

The first step is to setup a VM box the has a recording that the number that was dialed is not a valid number or is not in use. set this box to not take messages and to hang up after playing the message. then set up a translation patteren in CM that will cover all of the did numbers that ring to the location. for example you have the did range 3500-3599 creat a translation patteren 35xx and translate it to the number of the box that was set up in unity. next create a dummy extension and assign the number of the VM box that you created. set the forward all optiion to go to VM. So if a person calls a did number that is not assigned the translation pattern will pick it up and translate it the the dummy extension. that extensions mail box will play you message and then hang up. setting up your system like this give instant feed back to people calling your company and I believe that it is required by law in some states.

hope this helps


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Re: Non Assigned DID to Unity?

Thanks Scott, That helps and is actually the way I intend on fixing the problem. There is only one problem, the customer's non assigned numbers are not in blocks and they have a couple thousand numbers so creating a bunch of individual Translation patterns is what I am trying to avoid. I also would use a CTI route point to point the calls into Unity instead of a dummy extention.

Anyone out there use a mask like XXXX in a gateway partition and send all calls that way? If you mask the incoming translation pattern in the gateway partition and search space if you don't have a 4 digit match existing all others should be sent to where your translation pattern says right? Still thinking this one through...

I want to know what everyone else out there is using if they are doing this?

thanks for all your help!


Cisco Employee

Re: Non Assigned DID to Unity?

You can definitely do what you describe. Make sure you limit the XXXX pattern to a partition that only the gateway can reach.

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