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Non-Standard Operation

I have a toll-free line that is pointed at a CENTREX extension which is call forwarded to Unity. Unity has a call handler with the forwarded extension's number loaded. SMDI is serial 10-digit.

When you reach the call handler's greeting and attempt to dial an extension, for some extensions the call handler performs as expected and TRANSFERs the call, and for other extensions it just goes right to the subscriber's greeting.

I've already checked the subscriber transfer settings and they are set to ring the extension.

The numbers are all part of the same CSS.

So why would Unity transfer some callers which is what we want it to do, and for others just send the call directly to the subscriber greeting?

I also checked the call forwarding patterns to validate if the subscribers had transferred all of their calls straight to VM. They hadn't. They also were not on a call at the time of the attempted transfer.

In addition Unity states,' Please wait" for those numbers that work, and doesn't say anything for the ones where it ends up in a mailbox.

Version is 4.0(2) and CM 3.3(2)


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Re: Non-Standard Operation

First, it's important to note that the call handler has nothing at all to do with this - it's function in life is only to collect the digits you're dialing, find the object (in this case a subscriber) in the database and hand the call off to that subscriber conversation - it's then out of the picture.

The subscriber conversation is loading the subscriber object and deciding if it will execute the transfer rules (contact rules) or skipping ahead to the greeting rules (messaging rules). The only exception to this is if you've forwarded in directly to that subscriber, the system will automatically force it to skip the transfer rules and go to the greeting rules directly to avoid transfer loops.

If you're not hearing the "please wait..." prompt, the call is skipping the transfer rules. Usually this is a case where the subscriber's transfer rule is not setup to ring the phone - I'm assuming this is the caller dialing the ID of the subscriber from the call handler and not having a user input key mapped to go to that subscriber, right? If so, it will always go to the transfer entry point.

The "Audio text applications in Unity" paper on the Documents page of goes into some detail on how this flow works - may be helpful.

Also, you can fetch the latest Port Status Monitor off and watch what's happening with the call when you do this test - it may spit out some details that could be helpful as well.

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Re: Non-Standard Operation


Thanks for the info on your paper about how the box is supposed to work. BTW Brooktrout is misspelled in your document.

Now on to my problem.

I rebooted all my call managers tonight, and then rebooted the Unity.

I have run dbwalker with no errors reported.

I call the 800 number. Unity answers. I enter my office number 0912 and the the call transfers to my number. I enter 0330, ditto. I enter 0235 and I get the greeting for that subscriber. I enter 0359 a Centrex line and the system just hangs up. Extension 0359 is loaded in my mailbox as an alternate extension, but to get it to transfer callers to my mailbox when you call 0359, the number is programmed as 5102870359. The SMDI is 10-digit, and 0359 is not programmed in Call Manager anywhere.

According to the transfer settings in my mailbox it is set to transfer to 0912. Ditto for 0235.

Which brings me back to the seemling random but repeatable operation of the Unity.

Calls always transfer to my box and calls to 0235 always end up listening to the recorded greeting.

I'll take a closer look but I believe all the boxes are set exactly the same way. We used the bulk add utility to set up all 1000 users.


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Re: Non-Standard Operation

Turns out that the SA said one thing and the database said something else. Ran bulk edit to reset attempt transfer to subscriber's extension true and attempt transfer true. Now for those subscribers in the system, the calls get transferred.

Now I am trying to figure out how to transfer to Centrex lines that are not subscribers, but are authorized numbers to transfer calls to.


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