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Not dialing a 9

Does anyone know a way to set up CallManager to not have to dial a 9 for outbound calls, but not have a delay when dialing an extension?

I have set up route patterns to be able to dial outbound without the 9, but then there is a delay on extension to extension dialing until the interdigit timeout is hit. Anyone know a way around this?



Re: Not dialing a 9

This probably may look not so attractive an option! Anyways..your patterns probably look like this..



Local pattern (10 digit)

1+10digit number for long distance

THe problem with interdigit timeout may happen when your internal number also matches the localcall route pattern.Find out the local area codes that are in your area. Say in Dallas, 214,469,972 are local area codes. As long as your internal extensions doesnt start with a 2,4,9, you should not have any interdigit timeouts.

Again this change in internal extensions may not work so well, depending upon how your DID's are spaced. If they do overlap with the first digit of a local area code, you may still have interdigit timeout. In that situation, you may need to setup translation patterns to translate between DID's and internal extensions.

Let me know if that helps by rating the post!


Re: Not dialing a 9

Watch out for 7 digit local dialing also. If your area allows 7 digit local dialing then the prefix range (first 3 digits of a xxx-xxxx number) are going to be all over the place and probably cause interdigit timeouts because of interference with extension ranges. If there was an easy way around this none of us would be using a trunk access code...

If your deployment is small you might be able to find out all the local prefixes, and local area codes then carve out a range of extensions that do not interfere with any dialing patterns for external calling.

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