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Number of rings incorrect

When we set an individual Unity account to ring 6 times before transfering to VM, we only get 3. Have reset number of rings to 1 and then back to 6 but Unity still only waits 3 rings before transferring to VM. All users seem to have the same problem. Any ideas? Unity version is 3.1(5).

Cisco Employee

Re: Number of rings incorrect

Are you referring to the number rings setting for Unity's supervised transfers? When doing supervised transfers be sure the Forward No Answer setting on the phone system is set to a larger number. Otherwise the phone system's forwarding will beat Unity to the punch and send the call back to voicemail before Unity can recall the transfer.

Of course if you're calling the phone directly and letting it forward to voicemail then Unity has no control over this. The number of rings to Forward on No Answer should be set in you phone system.



New Member

Re: Number of rings incorrect


Thanks for your speedy reply.

Sorry, but I didn't give you enough information to answer this one correctly. Yes, I was referring to the number of rings set in Unity for supervised transfers. In this case Unity is integrated with CM 3.3. I'm not aware of any settings in CallManager that control the number of rings before transferring to VM. Am I missing something?


Re: Number of rings incorrect

Hello -

Here is something in CallManager that may apply - in the Service Parameters; Cisco CallManager Service. The Cluster Wide Parameters (Feature - Forward) has a setting called Forward NoAnswer Timer. The parameter specifies the seconds to wait before a forwarding no-answer condition is satisfied. The default is 12 seconds. Our setting is 20 seconds. For the majority of ringer styles we use, this is approximately 4 rings.

Sincerely, Ginger

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Re: Number of rings incorrect


Bingo! You're my hero. That did the trick. Never had a problem with that before but it won't bite me again. Next time I'm in Sacramento, I owe you a cup of coffee (or whatever you drink).


Re: Number of rings incorrect

Hi Tom -

Cool - I'm glad that worked for you! She says sipping on a Starbucks :-)

Have a great day!

Regards, Ginger

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