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Obtaining Phone Serial Numbers

I was wondering how I would go about obtaining the serial numbers of all the phones that are deployed at my . Could I do this via the SQL tables or a third party utility like Cisco Voice Manager?



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Re: Obtaining Phone Serial Numbers

We recently did an inventory audit by hand of 7960s (512 of them), we walked through all ours sites and picked up every IP phone to write the serial number from the base of the phone. Due to a inventory discrepancy, we are needing to re-audit these sites to find 40 phones we can’t account for.

While CallManager 3.2 allows you to http into a phone and view the serial number, there are no tools to be able to get a network wide listing of serial numbers.

This means that in CiscoWorks 2000 you can’t inventory them, check Contract Connection, or do anything else.

It would be a great feature enhancement if CiscoWorks 2000 could somehow inventory these by Serial numbers (our leasing company only uses Serial numbers, not MAC addresses).

The OA&M section in the Telephony Design Guide recommends developing a Access database for this. We had hoped CiscoWorks 2000 could be that tool. The Campus Manager – User Tracking Tool (UT) keeps phone device records but lacks the Serial Numbers. I’m am not sure what it would take to enhance the UT. Serial number discovery currently works for routers/switches.


Re: Obtaining Phone Serial Numbers

CallManager 3.1 allows this as well, and 3.0 might too. It's just a web server on the phone that dumps a bit of info. It requires you to know the IP addresses of the IP phones, of course.

However, you might be able to sit at the DHCP server and go through the list of assigned IP addresses (address leases) listed by device, browsing to each one to check the serial number. Not a lot of fun, but more efficient than doing a physical inspection of each phone.

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