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Off-net releasetoswitch transfer returns to Opening Greeting after 3 rings

My customer has several Call Handlers built for after-hours emergency contacts. Call flow looks like the following:

DN=333, Emergency_CH > caller input 3 > send to attempt xfer for Tech1_CH

Tech1_CH blank alternate greeting, call transfer to 94105551212 release to switch

Unity v3.1(3), TSP 6.02, CCM 3.1(3a)spF

Callers hit the Emergency call handler and press one of the assigned digits. The call transfers off-net, however, if it is not answered in 3 rings it transfers back to the Opening Greeting. If the transferred call is answered in under 3 rings there's no problem.

What is pulling the call back to Unity? Call Viewer shows the forwarding station as the off-net phone number when the call gets pulled back. The target of the transfer is the tech's home phone.

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