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On Demand Recording Change

What is the easiest way to have the “end user” (not the caller) change the recording without touching the CRS script? For instance, an electric company is having outage in specific area and there is no system admin to make change to the script and upload it with the new recording informing the callers about the outage. I believe there should be much easier way to have the on call person to modify the script by either ASR or TTS. I am not quite sure how to go about doing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: On Demand Recording Change

From the documentation I have seen, this feature is only available through the CRS script.

If you don't get a definite answer, I would suggest opening a case with the Cisco TAC.

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Re: On Demand Recording Change


You can try to develop a new script that overwrites the inicial prompt. Let's say inicial prompt would be "prompt1.wav". You can create a script that alows you to record a new script (Recording option is available in CRS3.0) and save it as "prompt1.wav". Next time that a user call, the IVR will get the "prompt1.wav".

This is just an idea. I never tried this out !!!!

You can also try to save the inicial "prompt1.wav" file to "old_prompt1.wav" any develop an option in the script that alows you the restore the inicial file (i guess it can be done with an external .bat file).

Hope this help. If you any doubt we can discuss this ideas better.



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