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One analog port to many lines

Here is the scenario

1. This is a new install ;)

2. They have 4 7960 phones that all roll (line 1 is 5555, line 2 is 5556, line 3 is 5557 and line 4 is 5558, lines 5 & 6 are open).

3. The pilot number for a police department is 5555.

4. They have a Zetron model 30 Worldpatch box, it is the telephone to radio interface. It can only accept 1 analog connection. This allows the officer to answer calls via their radio.

Here is our issue;

We configured an ata188 line 1 and we assigned dn 5555 to this port and connected it to the Zetron model 30. So, 5555 is assigned to line 1 on the ata and line 1 on the four 7960 s. When someone dials 5555 it rings the 4 7960 s and the Zetron/all the radios. Life is good!

My problem; when someone is on line 1 (5555) on one of the 7960 s and someone dials 5555 it rolls to 5556 but does not ring the radios. Because there is no analog port defined for 5556. Their radio system can only accept one analog input.

We are running 3.3.3. We must ring the radio each time, these lines ring on the 7960's.

What's the best way to configure this in CM?

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Re: One analog port to many lines

Interesting problem. What does the customer expect to happen if the Officer answer the call on the radio? The next call in, as you said, would ring in on 5556.

Would it be better is the radio rang first and then rolled to the 7960's lines?

Or do this. On the 7960 phones reverse the order that the numbers appear on the buttons so that 5555 was the lowest number displayed. When someone makes a call, they are going to grab the top line which would be 5558. The calls coming in roll up the phone buttons and as long as you do not keep them talking on 5555, then the radio will ring.

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Re: One analog port to many lines

If the officer is on the radio on line 1 (5555), they don't need it to ring the radio again. It will just roll to line 2 on the 7960's. 1 call on the radio is all they need and can support.

What they expcect (have today with a legacy pbx) is to ring ALL lines at the same time. The problem we tripped over was that if someone is on line 1 on the 7960 and the next call comes in, it won't ring the analog/radio port. I almost need like a hunt group or assign multi lines to 1 analog port?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: One analog port to many lines

Your on the right track with having all the phones ring at the same time.

Assign a different directory number to each device. So if you have 4 phones and the one analog you would have 5 DNs. You can make all the phones ring at the same time two different ways. You can buy a product from Berbee called "Hunt Group 1.2" or you can configure a router to be an H.323 gateway and run a TCL script.

Either way when a call comes in, all the phone will ring except those already on a call. This should solve your problem.

Here is the TCL script I found, originally posted by calmichael, that I'm trying to get working for myself to do the same thing.


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Re: One analog port to many lines

Thanks but we just found/tested a "gadget" that works. It's an external box produced by CMP (Call Management Prodcuts Inc, Broomfiled CO). It's called a "line finder" and works great. It also has dip switch settings to detect low voltage ringing (vg2XX's don't produce a lot of amps).

The box cost around $400. USD. Well worth it!

Thanks anyway!

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