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One more Lotus Notes ???

Do I understand the other Lotus notes responses correctly.<br>Are you saying that we should not use the Exchange connector because of the limitations? Is there a better estimate as to when Unity will be ready with a version that will integrate with Lotus? And last but not least, what is our best option of setting up Unity with a customer that does have Lotus notes? Do we install as a stand alone voice mail without any connection at all and wait for the upgrade to be released? Is there some way to let Lotus users know with SMTP forwarding or something that they have voice mail? (Kind of like the Unity Connection)? What are my options. We have just been contracted to install a Unity in a Lotus environment and I am unclear what to tell the customer as to what their options really are. Thanks in advance.<br><br>


Re: One more Lotus Notes ???

short answer: You're only options at this point is to install Unity as a POV (stand alone voice mail) and wait for Domino support.

No, I don't have any dates I can give out as for when Dominio will be supported in Unity, although it is being actively worked on. I get asked this a LOT via email and you can be sure when I have any kind of a date/timeframe/season that can be communicated, I'll stick it out here.

You can, of course, setup email paging for new voice messages to send to anyone anywhere (including a Domino account) but it wont work like Connection did (i.e. there wont be a snappy link back to the mail store to keep it synced up and allow the subscriber easy access to their voice mail via the custom web interface... it would just be an email saying a new message had arrived). Desktop access to messages would have to be done using two different clients (Lotus for email and Outlook for voice mail). Not exactly smooth to say the least... I'd approach this "solution" with exreme caution if at all. I can assure you the customer will not be happy with it. If it were me I'd definitely go the POV route (possibly allowing some users to connect to the Unity server with an Outlook client if they wanted as long as the numbers were low) and hang tight until real Domino integration is available.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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