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one phone two mailboxes and MWI

Is it possible that second line also has the MWI? We want to have two mailboxes for one phone with two lines. But I am windering whether CCM will turn on the MWI for this mailbox.


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Re: one phone two mailboxes and MWI

What type of phone are you using? With a 7940 2 line phone (or a 7960/70 for that matter) the default behavior is to light the MWI light and show the message waiting icon next to the line for the primary line. The second line will show just the message waiting icon next to the line. You can change this byt going into the phone, then line and going to message waiting lamp policy and setting it to light and prompt.

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Re: one phone two mailboxes and MWI

In the newer versions of callmanager yes this is possible. you would set up each line to have have it's own numbers ans you have all ready done. each line will have to have the correct CF RNA and CF RB to go to voice mail. Set up each voice mail box like you normaly would. now when each line gets a voice the icon next to each line will indicate a voice mail. the thing that you will need to check that can be set gloably or per phone is how the red light is turned on. the two options are to turn on the red light only with the first or primary line. and the orther options is to trun on the light if either line has voice mail.

hope this helps.


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