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One way audio Greetings/Msgs

Using 3.12c CM and Unity 3.13 and having One Way audio. Can hear Unity prompts, yet cannot record greetings or messages. Pressed Info key twice on IP Phone and noted that Tx Cnt is increasing with Rx. Unity and phones on same Vlan<br><br>Thanks<br><br>

Cisco Employee

Re: One way audio Greetings/Msgs

Assuming unity and the ip phone (not just callmanager) are on the same subnet and have the same subnet mask, you'll probably need to grab a sniffer trace to see what's going on. Also make sure nothing is showing up in the application log on the Unity server. You can also take a look at the callmanager traces to see if it's telling the phone to send to the right IP address (that of the Unity server), which I'm pretty sure it will. It's a matter of figuring out where these packets that the phone is generating are going.

New Member

Re: One way audio Greetings/Msgs

Figured out the problem- The second NIC card was causing the audio problems. We disabled it and we now have 2 way audio

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