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One way CCME 3.3 with a VPN Client and IP Communicator


I connect the IP Communicator to the CCME 3.3 through a Cisco VPN Client 4.6. I have no problem when i make a call to a extension inside de CCME, but when i want to try to call through the PSTN, the called party can listen the ip communicator party, but the ip communicator party aren't able to listen nothing.

The CBAC on the router is disabled.


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Re: One way CCME 3.3 with a VPN Client and IP Communicator

Check out the following link. There is a section on one-way audio issues.

If the Cisco IP Communicator party cannot hear the remote party, it may be for the following reasons:

•The Cisco IP Communicator user is relying on a non-supported VPN. To resolve the issue, you must set up a web reflector page or manually specify the IP address in the Network Audio Settings window from the Cisco IP Communicator interface (right-click > Audio > Network). See the "Resolving Audio IP Address Auto-Detection Problems" section on page 4-12.

•If Cisco IP Communicator is behind a firewall, make sure that the firewall is configured to pass TFTP and RTP traffic using the appropriate port range. See the "Selecting an Audio Port Range" section on page 4-17.

•The Cisco IP Communicator party has plugged the headset and speaker plugs into the wrong ports on the PC.

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