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Opening Handler

Hi,<br><br>My customer wants to ring one of the subscriber if anybody dial into the system.<br><br>When I am in opening greeting handler, go into Call transfer, select transfer rule applied to standard, then select " Yes, ring a subscriber at this extension" from transfer incoming call. Check with that particular subscriber, also set up as ring this extension.<br><br>However, it doesn't ring and always go into the content of opening greeting. I suppose will go to ring that subscriber instead of go into the content of opening greeting. Am I right? Pls adv.<br><br>


Re: Opening Handler

I'm not sure I undertstand what you're trying to do here... all calls coming into the Unity server should be sent directly to a phone? Really? That seems a little odd... you sure you don't want the opening greeting to play and if no action is taken THEN send the call somewhere?

You'd want to set the after greeting action for the opening greeting to "attempt transfer for" the subscriber you want to send the call to in that case.

If, instead, you configure it such that Unity routes all inbound calls to a particular extension, folks wont be able to call in and check messages remotely etc... I'd make sure this is what you want to do before moving ahead.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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