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Operator is busy or doesn't answer the phone.

Getting message "Operator is busy or doesn't answer the phone." and it keeps on saying this until you hang up the phone instead of transferring to VM.

CCM 3.2(2c)

Unity 3.1(5)

The setup in Call mgr. is as follows:

785 & 786 has Fwd No ans. to VM.

787 has Fwd busy & Fwd no ans. to go to VM.

In unity

the operator ext. is 785.

and for this under 'greeting' section the 'take message' option is selected.

I tried using 'Alternate extension' option in unity and added 786 & 787 as alternate extensions....but it didn't work.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

Thank you in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: Operator is busy or doesn't answer the phone.

Sounds like a greeting you're not expecting is kicking in for the operator call handler - the first thing to do is activate the alternate greeting and set it up the way you want and then test the call - this way you know which greeting is being used no matter what (since the alternate over rides all the other greetings in all cases). If THAT is still behaving this way then make sure you don't have something like the "repeat greeting" option turned on at the bottom of the greetings page - folks miss this sometimes when someone has set it up - this means the greeting (the system generated greeting for the operator will sound as you describe) will play that many times before the after greeting action is acted on.

if you still are having problems we'd want to take a look at what's going on in the Port Status Monitor - you can download the latest version here:

you can watch what's happening on the port when the call comes in which may give us a clue as to what the problem is.

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