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Operator switch to subscribers voicemail

Is it possible from the operator switchboard to transfer a call directly to a users voicemail box?<br>Using CM3.0.8 and Unity 2.4.6.<br>Normally you would get the Unity Lady when transfering to the Voicemail number.<br>Is there a method to transfer directly to a user voicemail box?<br><br>


Re: Operator switch to subscribers voicemail

Yeah, this one's been asked several times out here... if you search around you'll find some various suggestions on how to make this as smooth as possible.

The short story is you need to provide a method for the operator to get to the opening greeting quickly and then they can dial the target extension followed by "#2" to over ride the transfer attempt. This will dump the caller right to the greeting of the subscriber they want.

You can setup routing rules or a phantom extension such that the operator can simply dial an ID to end up at the opening greeting or they can dial the voice mail system and (since they'll be logged in as a subscriber) they will need to hit "*" to back out of the message reterival conversation and get to the opening greeting.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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