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option to transfer to reception

Is it possible to change the prompt easily in Unity so that it gives the caller the option to be transferred back to reception rather than forcing the caller to leave a message? For example the prompt would be:

Sorry, Joe Bloke is not available. Please leave message after the tone or dial 0 to return to reception.

Community Member

Re: option to transfer to reception

If you are referring to the default subscriber system greeting I believe that it is possible to drop in a customized greeting. You'd have to get the folks in the BU to identify exactly which .wav file to replace. Keep in mind though that any time you apply a Unity upgrade it will overwrite your custom file with the default. And this may not be completely supported by TAC.

The default option for Caller Input for subscribers is to attempt transfer for Operator when 0 is pressed. Callers always have that option whether the system prompts for it or not.

Cisco Employee

Re: option to transfer to reception

In this case there are actually two different prompts that say the same thing but get used in different places (i.e. if it’s a subscriber vs. an outside caller leaving the message). The prompts are:



These both say "You may record your message at the tone… " thing... The path for 4.0(2) and later will contain a "G711" or "G729" in there depending on the codec of the prompts you installed - you should be able to find it OK, however.

You can record both to include the "or dial 0 for the operator" or whatever you want in there. As noted, however, this is not TAC supported and upgrades to Unity will wipe out your changes and put the default prompts back - as such if you're going down this route, back the changed prompts up somewhere so you can reapply them after an upgrade easily.


Re: option to transfer to reception

Well, by default, that's already done.

But if you mean the default message from unity: instead of replacing wavs, just change the greeting for the "opening greeting" call handler


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