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Orphaned Subscriber , How to Del w/ Dir walk tool

We have a Unity organization with Exchange Users homed on many servers. A User was deleted from their respective server and recreated on another Exchange server. NOW , you can't delete the box from unity, or add a new unity subscriber.<br>What is the best way to fix this? should we use the Directory walker tool ?<br>Thanks<br><br>


Re: Orphaned Subscriber , How to Del w/ Dir walk tool

The directory walker tool is a “read only” operation. It just reports various problem such as invalid links, orphaned handlers, invalid recipients etc… it doesn’t automatically fix anything.

You can use the “Remove Orphaned Call Handlers” script that can also be found on the tools section of my web page to get rid of this. I normally recommend also running the “Find Orphaned call handlers” script first to make sure you know what’s going to happen. And yes, both of these scripts can be run while Unity is taking calls.

That said, if you’re running 2.4.5 this shouldn’t be a problem. It’ll still orphan the handler if you delete the user out of Exchange but it shouldn’t prevent you from adding a new user via the SA or import later… we handle that situation on the fly by checking to see if the conflicting handler is an orphan and deleting it as we go. You may be bumping heads with a different problem entirely.

What version are you running at?

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
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