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OSQL Cannot Dismount DB with MSDE...

Unity 4.x with Exchange 2K off box. This is a new install and everything is working fine. I did the default install and used MSDE and am now trying to move the databases from C: to D:. The OSQL statement as supplied in the installation guide will not dismount the database. I heard that there is a reg hack that has to be in place but cannot remember what it is...

Cisco Employee

Re: OSQL Cannot Dismount DB with MSDE...

No registry hack I know of - the most likely problem with the database not dismounting is one or more users connected to it. Presumably Unity is off line and the services are ALL stopped (including the pesky gateway service which is started automatically by the tray icon - kill the icon).

You can execute sp_who and it'll list which processes/users are connected to all DBs... if you see UnityDB listed in there you'll no someone is connected to it somewhere.

In a jam and you're sure all the Unity services are stopped and it still wont move, I'd stop the SQL services themselves and then restart them and try again.

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Re: OSQL Cannot Dismount DB with MSDE...

I fixed this in the Unity 4.03 Installation Guide, which will be reposted on in early November, 2003.

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Re: OSQL Cannot Dismount DB with MSDE...

I've managed to detach the UnityDb database by using the detach option (right mouse click on the database>All Tasks>Detach Database....)in SQL Enterprise Mananger. Before being able to detach the database the detach wizard advised me that there were two connections using the database and that it could not be detached whilst connections were using the database. Selecting clear removed the connections and allowed the database to be detached and then subsequently moved. I then re-attached the databases using Enterprise Manager, re srarted Unity and all seemed OK.

The questions I have are:

1) Is this an OK way to acheive the desired result ?

2) Is there anyway to see exactly what users/processes are connecting to the database ?


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