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Outbound Calls and how they choose

I have a site that has 4 separate POTS coming into my router. If a user picks up the phone to dial an external number. How do I specify that the phone uses the appropriate POTS line assigned to it. As it works right now we see the call go out on random POTS lines which are making that line busy. We would like it to work as an inbound call works with connection plar. The call comes in on a POTS line and then connection plar makes a specific phone ring. We want the outbound call to use the POTS line associated to the phone. Any ideas how to do this would be great.


Re: Outbound Calls and how they choose

You will have to have 1 set of Route Patterns for each line.

What you want to do is set the 'prefix digits' paramater to prepend some digits, say 123, to the call when it gets sent to the gateway.

YOu then configure your destinatin-pattern on your dial-peer to look something like this:

destination-pattern 1239.T

(assuming you are using 9 to get outside and havent stripped it)

For the other lines, just use a different set of digits on the RP and dial-peer.

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Re: Outbound Calls and how they choose

Perhaps I should clarify. The selection of an outgoing port should be made based on outgoing calling number. i.e. use fxo port 1 if extension 1111 is placing an outbound call. That POTS line can only be used by phone 1111 for incoming and outgoing.

Is there a more efficient way to do than what you previously wrote. There are more pieces to what you wrote before. Please let me know your thoughts and thanks for the info.

Re: Outbound Calls and how they choose

You will need to use a large number of partitions and search spaces to make it so that each phone that dials 9 uses a different routelist and then use something similar to the solution I gave elsewhere in this thread.


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Re: Outbound Calls and how they choose

hi,this method no doubt works BUT there's a caveat. The prefix digits parameter in CM will show up when the call is made : say u're calling "65427788", the prefix "123" will be appended, thus making the dialled digit "12365427788". This shows up on the iphone LCD. are there any way 2 mask the prefixes ??



Re: Outbound Calls and how they choose

You can mask the prefixes by changing them in the route pattern to a 9 but having different route group modifications.


rp 123 uses rl123 deletes 123

rl123 uses rg_trunks prefixes with 123

rp124 uses rl124 deletes 124

rl124 uses rg_trunks prefixes with 124

This way the number disappears from the display on the phone. It gets messy because you need new route lists for every prefix but it works.


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