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outbound dialling with TAPI and CTI ports


We are trying to develop an outbound dialling application using the following components:

Cisco Call Manager 4.0(2)a

Cisco TSP 4.0(0.22)

TAPI 2.1

W2K Server SP4

We have created a number of CTI ports allowing us to create a conference between connected live calls to our customers (active call) and free call centre agents (consult call). Currently all functions complete without error, however once a live call is established to a customer and a connection to the agent has completed (devices set to auto answer) neither parties can hear each other (MoH can be heard by both parties). Our basic funtions are as follows:

1. lineMakeCall(m_hLine, &active_call_handle, dest,0,NULL);

2. LINECALLSTATE_CONNECTED has come for active_call_handle (customer answered)

3. lineHold(active_call_handle);

4. LINE_REPLY event comes with appropriate dwParam1 and dwParam2=0

5. received LINECALLSTATE_ONHOLD for active_call with no errors

6. lineMakeCall(m_hLine, &consult_call_handle, dest, dwCountryCode, NULL);

7. LINECALLSTATE_CONNECTED has come for consult_call_handle (agent has answered)

8. lineSetupConference(active_call_handle, NULL,&(conference_call_handle),&(consult_call_handle), 3, NULL)

9. received - LINE_CALLSTATE CONFERENCED for the active call

Any ideas to help us please?

Many thanks,

Phil Lockyer

New Member
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