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Outlook2000 and Active VioceProblems?

Hi,<br><br>We are setting up a Unity 2.4 Server running NT4.0 sp6a, Exchange5.5 sp3, and Outlook 2000. During bootup Unity fails to start, looking in the event viewer's application log I see entrees stating; <br><br>Error " Last Category An error occurred while trying to access/ and create MAPI profile Unity System Profile"<br><br><br>Error "Doh logon failed due to messaging component logon error: 800404b5H"<br><br><br>Error " Unable to log onto the Doh"<br><br><br>Error "AvCsMgr: Component Arbiter initialize failed"<br><br><br>Error " Manager service (AvCsMgr) failed to initialize the component manager"<br><br>Then the AvCsMgr stops Component Ruler and Queues<br><br>We know that we can get this up and running by uninstalling Outlook 2000 and installing Outlook 97 , but we want to use 2000 which is our client standard do you know of this problem and a possible fix?<br><br>Thanks,<br><br><br><br>


Re: Outlook2000 and Active VioceProblems?

Well, the forums out here aren't a replacement for tech support, but I can tell you there are no known problems with Outlook 2000. I think you're seeing something different. We ship all our 2.4 boxes with Outlook 2000 installed by default and all my 2.3.6 test boxes in the lab run OL2000 as well.

Did you by any chance register Outlook Express as your default mail client on that box? I've seen this screw up our access to the MAPI.DLL in the past... Outlook 2000, however, should work fine.

Jeff Lindborg


Re: Outlook2000 and Active VioceProblems?

Another follow up to this… this has been bugging me, you shouldn’t be having any problems with Outlook 2000. I spent some time chatting with our in house MAPI expert about what else could be going on here and there’s a couple of things I’d like to see you guys try.

The first (and easiest) thing is to simply remove the "Unity System profile" from the mail applet and reboot. We recreate the profile automatically when we come up (we had to do that early on since so many folks decided to get rid of it on their own, not knowing what it was). This can clear up the connection.

If that doesn’t work, you may be running into a problem with the MAPI stub functionality in NT land. Since several applications such as IE, Outlook, Outlook Express, Hot Mail etc… install their own MAPI32.DLL, MS put a stub functionality in there to make sure folks like us end up pointing at the right one. There are known problems based on what you’re installing and in what order that might be hosing that up (this is why I was wondering if perhaps you made Express your default reader… that’s one scenario that causes problems with Outlook also on the box). Microsoft has a utility called “FixMAPI.EXE” that is designed to help get things back in order.

Here’s a link to a little information on the FixMAPI program you can read over, there’s other articles out there you can dig around for, but the long and the short of it is we end up being pointed at the wrong MAPI DLL which causes all kinds of grief when we start up. Given the error messages in your post, I'm guessing that's the source of the problem.

Once you run this, again, delete our message profile in the mail applet and restart the box. Let me know if either of those worked out for you or not.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice

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