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New Member

output attenuation

Does anybody know that output attenuation can increase the gain to the PSTN? Personally I think it'll be OK. But however the following Cisco powerpoint slide indicated that it's not supported.

"You cannot increase the gain of a signal to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), but you can decrease it. If the voice level is too high, you can decrease the volume by either decreasing the input gain or increasing the output attenuation."

Any thought?

New Member

Re: output attenuation

The output attenuation command allows for loss insertion of between -6 and 14 db. Is your question hypothetical or is there a practical reason you want to boost the signal to the PSTN?

New Member

Re: output attenuation

We have a real problem. Customer uses Cisco conference server for conference, Cisco AS5350 is the GW. Participant are from PSTN , they feel the volume from the conference too low. So ideally I'll have to boost the volulme on the GW to fix the problem.

Does this make sense?


Re: output attenuation

Just before you run in "real" problems:

If you "boost the volume" you probably introduce echo problems to your system.


New Member

Re: output attenuation

Although it is documented that you may enhance the chances of introducing echo problems, i have implemented output attenuation on a number of sites with no problems. Try it and see i guess.

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