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New Member

Outside callers

Once a subscriber logs in to Unity from an outside phone is there a way that the subscriber can have Unity ring another subscriber's phone while still logged in? The goal is to allow the subscriber that is calling in from an outside phone (a number that Unity does not know about such as a hotel) to be able to leave a message if the other subscriber doesn't answer the phone and have the message show that it was sent from the subscriber and not just an outside caller.

Thanks, Dave

Cisco Employee

Re: Outside callers

You kinda mixed a couple of things in here...

first, a subscriber can always press * during the greeting of another user, sign in and the first thing they are asked is if they'd like to leave a message for that user - that's the purpose of this feature. This allows users to quickly identify themselves and then leave a sub to sub message when they're calling from an unknown phone.

The first part of your question sounds like you're asking if the caller can try another extension - sure they can - unless you have the one keys locked down on subscriber greetings users can simply dial another extension during the greeting they were forwarded to...

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