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outside dial tone


I am running ccm4.1 currently users dial a 9 to get an outside line. Here is my problem. The PTSN sends all 7 digits so i have translation patterns set up to remove the first 3 digits. we just got a new exchange that starts with a 9. Calls can still be made out but after the user dials the 9 they no longer hear the dial tone. I have set the translation pattern to provide outside dial tone, but there is still no dial tone.

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Re: outside dial tone

You need to remove the translation pattern, since it's match in the dial plan.

What type of gateway do you have? Protocol (mgcp, h.323?) If an MGCP gateway you can set the significant digits on the port to 4, this will ignore the other 3 digits the PSTN is sending.

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Re: outside dial tone

There are several methods, some of which are:

1. (all gateway types)

Put translation pattern for ingress calls in partition only visible from TDM gateway. Set CSS of translation pattern to allow visibility on your line side partition(2), service partition(s), etc.

2. (mgcp) Configure gateway to use significant digits. Setting to 4 would server your purposes

3. (h323) there are multiple options here. Depends on other configurations in use.

With that being said, it is odd that you lost outside dial tone. Modifying the translation to allow outside dialtone should have resolved your issue. Is there any other device (CTI, IPphone, etc.) that may have been put in place that has a leading 9 digit?

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