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**overlapping extensions

Have centralized call processing model. Because of this we had issues with overlapping extn. To deal with this we used partitions. In addition to this we had a requirement for AA so we did it in Unity. The people that had overlapping extn we dealt with them by giving them 7 digit mailboxes. However, when faced with the AA we find that in order to reach the 7 digit mailboxes they are not able to dial the 4 digits if known as they have a 7 digit mailbox number.

have very few overlapping 4 digits at the time but need to prepare for expansion.

Thought of having any users that press 4 for the directory handler and have it xfer to the AA in CCM that would likely handle it as of the partitioning capability. Have not totally worked it thru yet.

Any recommendations?

Need answer for this one pretty quick if possible.



Cisco Employee

Re: **overlapping extensions

I'm not entirely sure I understand your first pragraph there... but I think you're saying you want to have both 7 and 4 digit extensions for as many folks as possible but when folks have overlapping IDs they'll only have a 7 digit - is this where you're going?

Is so, you can do up to 10 extensions per subscriber - you can assign 4 digit alternate extensions to everyone that doesn't have conflicting IDs no problem - lookups on these are dong the same as for primary extenensions (i.e. they work for direct lookups, forwarding scenarios, addressing by ID...).

If that's not where you're going, I'm not sure what to suggest here - you can't have conflicting IDs in a single Unity server at this point, there's no way to work around that issue.

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