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Overlapping message

CM 3.3(2)

TSP 6.02(a)


Exchang 5.5 with W2K and Active Directory

I have an intermittent problem where two different messages overlap with each other. Is this a problem with Unity or a problem with Exchange. This problem only occurs when we recently upgrade CM from 3.1 to 3.3 and TSP. Has anybody seen this problem before or know how to troubleshoot this problem?


Re: Overlapping message

Hello -

Just to clarify the problem ... were these messages voicemails that came into the same user's inbox? Or did you mean two greetings, i.e. for a Call Handler? Not sure if I'll be able to help - we are running the same CCM version as you, but running Unity 3.1(5) with Exchange2K. But willing to help if I can :-)

Regards, Ginger

Community Member

Re: Overlapping message

Hi Ginger

The messages were two different voicemails that came into the same user's inbox but are overlapped. There is no prompt in between from Unity. One user said a message left recently was overlapped with a message that was left from a different users a week ago. Very strange. Any ideas???

Re: Overlapping message

Hello -

My best advice would be to contact TAC at this point, especially since you did not encounter problems until your migration to CCM 3.3. I know there are ways to architect a message by using the Media Master, and recording a message that gets saved in Draft status. Then the slider position of the time counter can be moved so that another message can be recorded, effectively overlaying part of the original. So I was able to engineer a message that sounded corrupted or overlapped. I don't know if it would be possible to get corruption of one or more messages in the UMR (or Unity 2.4 equivalent) before it is moved to Exchange - and it this was the case, would definitely require assistance from TAC to troubleshoot.

Best wishes, Ginger

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