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New Member

packet loss affect the voice

When I ping other end router, there are some packet lose (around 2%). How can it affect the voice quality? Because there some "sa-sa" sound or missed a word when conversation of two party. Is it related?

New Member

Re: packet loss affect the voice

2% packet loss shouldn’t adversely affect voice quality too much however it would be a good idea to learn where this loss is and try to fix it. In any case, implement QoS tools if you can to improve voice quality and consistency. Some links from here should help you out

Cisco Employee

Re: packet loss affect the voice

It depends greatly on what codec you are using.

With g729 and the other low bit rate codecs, this could very much affect voice quality, with g711 you might not notice as much. Find out where the packets are getting lost, step one in making a voip network is to have a functioning ip network.

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