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Parking outgoing calls on a 7940

We have 7940 Cisco phones and we can't figure out how to park an outgoing call. When we recieve a call we have the "More" option on the phone and we can park it but when we place calls we don't have that option. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Parking outgoing calls on a 7940

This could be the MTP is not configured for the H323 gateway, which handles call features like park, xfer, etc. verify you have the MTP resourse, then verify the call setup is completed and then test the park.

Probably the best think to do is trace the call and look at the gateway, ccm traces, ip phone diags.

Is it possible to have the person call you on the same gateway your trying to outbound call and park successful?

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Re: Parking outgoing calls on a 7940

We can park incoming calls no problem. I am not real familar with MTP and don't know where or what to look for.


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Re: Parking outgoing calls on a 7940

I think we have narrowed the problem down. When we place internal calls the phone reads "ring out" until the other person answers and then it goes to "connected". When we place outgoing calls it never changes from "ring out" therefore we don't get the soft buttons when the other person answers. Any ideas on where to look in our configuration would be greatly appreciated

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