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Passing DID number with outbound calls


I have a CME 3.4 system with a PRI connection to PSTN. We have 20 DID numbers assigned to the PRI, and inbound DID is working perfectly. However, when I dial out from an extension, the caller-id information on the receiving end shows the extension number rather than the DID number assigned to that extension. (i.e. when I call my cellphone from extension 200, what I get in the caller ID on the cellphone is '200') Is there any way for the DID number to be passed to the receiving station instead?


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Re: Passing DID number with outbound calls

Are you using 4-digit extensions? If so, try something like the following:


voice translation-rule 1

rule 1 /\(....$\)/ /509444\1/


voice translation-profile ANI-TRANSFORM

translate calling 1


voice-port 0/1/0:23

translation-profile outgoing ANI-TRANSFORM


The translation rule prepends the area code and exchange, you'll need to modify it to fit your numbers. There are some good docs on translations, look up the above commands and play with the configuration a bit.

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Re: Passing DID number with outbound calls

We're actually using 3-digit extensions, and unfortunately since we are trying to match an old extension plan, the extension numbers and DID numbers don't match each other at all or even share digits except purely by accident.

Your post clued me in, though, because I completely overlooked 'translate-calling' and 'translation-profile outgoing' in my config.

We're passing the correct DID numbers outbound now, thanks!

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