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Password protection for Meet me

Hi everyone,

We have configured Meet me option on our call manager its working well for us although there is one problem that whoever knows the meet me number can join the conference, I have checked with Tac and at this stage there no option in call manager to provide password authorization for the callers joining meet me conference call therefore we intend to develop our own script / program to add password authorization for meet me callers.

I will appreciate the suggestions that which programming tool should be used for that and how to handle this with call manager.


Re: Password protection for Meet me

Try JTAPI. Have a CTI RP that your participants have to call.. then a pool of CTI ports.. the CTI port accepts the call and waits for DTMF input, and authenticates the users, then if the call succeeds you transfer it to the conference number.

Depending on how complex you want to go, add G.711 streaming and play something for the caller ("please enter your pin now").. naturally that makes things more complex but it's also nicer for the user.

The alternative to all this is getting an external conference bridge which supports authentication.

Re: Password protection for Meet me

Yes the IPCC Express engine will do he trick for you,

and comes for free if ordered co-located for CCM.

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Re: Password protection for Meet me


We do have IPCC Express installed, if I understood correctly you are suggesting to map the number with IPCC port instead of mapping it directly on Meet me then from there write an script to authenticate and after successful authentication divert the call to meet me.

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