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New Member

paste from file option is grayed out

When I try to paste a greeting from file the option is no longer available. I was able to do this 10 min ago. I have tried re-booting, stoping services etc.

Cisco Employee

Re: paste from file option is grayed out

Is it just the "paste from file" option itself or is the media master control disabled? Just having the paste from file option disabled would be really puzzling since it's not possible to disable just that one option. I have no idea what would be causing that... if the entire media master control is disbled, there's several reasons that could account for that.

Also, you should provide some basic information about which version of Unity you're using and which client is causing the problem (i.e. is this the media master control in the SA or via the VMO client in Outlook?).

New Member

Re: paste from file option is grayed out

Hey Jeff;

I just experienced the same thing with 3.1(5) with the MMC in SA. Some call handlers the option is available, some not.

Although with me, it's the whole MMC that's greyed out.

What could cause this?


Cisco Employee

Re: paste from file option is grayed out

if the whole MMC is gray that means you probably have a situation where a greeting path is specified to point at a WAV file in the \commserver\streamfiles directory that is not there any longer - the MMC control is not overly bright about how it handle this - rather than just dealing with it, it disables itself which is less than ideal.

The latest version of dbWalker checks for missing/broken file references like this and reports on them - it offers the option of removing the bad file reference which should clear the problem. I'd run it without the auto fix option and take a hard look at which handlers have broken greeting file links and try to figure out what might have happened... recent migration? backup restore scenario? those WAV files shouldn't just go missing

Either that or the WAV files are corrupt somehow - you can go fish around in the streamfiles folder to find the greetings for handlers that have a disabled MMC control. The wav files are named with the alias of the handler followed by the name of the greeting - they're pretty easy to find.

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