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PBX Link Box/ Dual Intergraion

Has anyone performed an dual integration with a Nortel M1 system. The Unity will be centrally located ….local users have 4 digit extensions and the remote users have a 7 digit (location code plus 4 digit extension)…the PBX link box can be set up for 4 to 8 digit extension…when we set up the link box for 4 digits local MWI works fine…when link box is set up for 7 digits we can not light local MWI….any help will be appricated…Unity 4.0

Cisco Employee

Re: PBX Link Box/ Dual Intergraion

What problems did you encounter when the PBXLink was set for Extension Length of 4? I assume MWIs for remote users fail but want to verify.

Does the integration for inbound calls work fine for both local and remote calls? direct and forwarded?

Can you set MWI for the remote users by using MIK/MCK keys on a local 2616? If so, are the 7 digit extensions used for this?



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Re: PBX Link Box/ Dual Intergraion

when the extension length is set to 4, all 4 digit digit MWI light, but no 7 digit mwi light...

intergration works fine...

on a 2616 you can mik/mck both 4 and 7 digit mwi

thanks in advance

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Re: PBX Link Box/ Dual Intergraion

This is what we received from Cisco TAC and it fixed our problem...

Symptom: MWI fails for variable length extensions with SMDI serial integration of Unity.

Conditions: If extension length is configured to be the length of the longest extension then zeros pad the shorter extension lengths and extensions are not recognised by the PBX. If DoNotStripZero=NO is configured then Calling Number also has zeros stripped and this causes other issues.


To Implement the Fix:

The .avd file needs to be edited to add the 'V' switch.

For example, using the outgoing lampext entry from \\commserver\IntLib\AVSMDI.avd:


The 'V' would need to be added instead of the 'ZR' entry:


Once the setting is saved to the .avd file, Unity will need to be restarted for the setting to take effect.

On the PBXLink set the \Configuration\PBX Options\Extension Length value to the longest length extension. For example, if you have both 4-digit and 7- digit extensions, set the Extension Length to 7.

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