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PC Dialer for CME


We ha ve internaly developped an application in JTAPI to control phone connected to Call Unified Manager.

We'd like to port this application to CME but it seems JTAPI is not supported on CME.

One solution is to use TAPI but library are not for Java.

Is there another way on CME to control a phone via PC ?

The purpose is to transmit/receive call and lookup the corporate/customer directory for name association.

Thanks for your answer


Re: PC Dialer for CME

If you'd just look for a way to dial.. there's always CiscoIPPhoneExecute with a Dial uri. However, for events I'm afraid you have no choice but to use the CME TSP.

Perhaps ATAPI.NET will help.. writing something in C# when you know Java is considerably easier than having to resort to a native language. I have ATAPI.NET working for basic tasks on a CCM but I've never tried with a CME (and I'd do anything in my power to push for a CCM replacement rather than deal with the CME).

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