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Permissions for Unity service account

Quick question (I think I already know the answer on this one).<br><br>The doc at suggests that you give the Unity service account the following permissions:<br><br>In Exchange: service account admin. for Org, site and config. <br><br>In Windows: Act as part of the OS<br><br>Log on as a service<br><br>Local admin (on unity box)<br><br>Log on locally.<br><br>In addition to all that, the docs say it should be a domain admin. but this doesn't make sense. Why should it need to be a domain admin? It isn't messing with user accounts or adding computers to the domain. With the exchange rights it has, it can add subscribers no problem (or at least, it shoule be able to).<br><br>Am I reading something wrong here?<br><br>Thanks in advance. <br><br><br>


Re: Permissions for Unity service account

You shouldn't need domain admin rights if you know what you are doing and it sounds like you do. When you create a user through Unity it is going to try to create an NT account however. You can disable this behavior in the registry:

HKLM\Software\Active Voice\SystemParameters\1.0

DWORD: Optional NT Account in Subscriber Add

Set to 1 to make the NT accounts optional, 0 (default) to hide the option.


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