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Personal Assistant 1.4(5)

I need some configuration assistance with PA. I'm trying to configure a system prompt/recording so that when a user's account is deleted from the phone directory, PA will play a greeting that says "the number you've dialed is no longer a working number" and then transfer the caller to the receptionist. Anyone have any ideas? I'm not that familiar with PA.

Thanks, Glenn


Re: Personal Assistant 1.4(5)

I doubt if PA can do such kind of customized scripting for routing calls to only valid extensions, while play a message for invalid users. I would say you could rather route the call to IPCC or CUE script that does a look up of the username in directory and then play a message if hte user is invalid. For valid users, the call could be transferred back to Callmanager for interception by PA's route point.



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Re: Personal Assistant 1.4(5)


Thanks for the response. We're not using IPCC. Personal Assistant (I think, although I can't find this recording in PA) already plays a message for the call that says that you've reached a non working number. All I want to do is tranfer the call to the operator after this recording plays. There's no way to do this with system wide rules? What does PA do with the call if there are no personal rules setup?

Thanks, Glenn

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