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Personal Assistant requirements

Can Personal Assistant coexist on the same server as CallManager or Unity? I have an installation where Personal Assistant is needed for only about 10 users and buying a separate server seems overkill given that even the MCS-7825 can support 2500 users. In addition, the cost of the software plus a separate server would make the price-per-user for small installations far too high for customers to justify.

Also, what all do you have to buy when purchasing Personal Assistant? In the Global Price List, I see Personal Assistant Server software and then the Personal Productivity Suite. I thought the PPS was a set of applications that could be purchased independently of Personal Assistant but it seems the PPS license is required for every PA users.

I read there is a PA demo available. Where can I get this? I only saw upgrades on CCO.

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Re: Personal Assistant requirements

I have Personal Assistant Directory Dialer (335MB) installed on my Call-manager 7935 subscriber (in a two CM system). All of my 200 phones are registered with the subscriber, and there doesn't seem to be a problem with performance. The PA Directory Dialer (PADD) is the free demo software that Cisco offers to allow user to dial by voice ("dial Joe Blow" or "dial 1234"). It seems to work reliably. The draw back to the free software is that you can't change a user's prompt (they record their name the first time they use it). I think the PADD software is the same as the PA software - only they've turned off some features. You can get the software for PADD on the cisco callmanager page (as a registered user).


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Re: Personal Assistant requirements

CCO has the full product even though it says upgrade. The keys can be found on the cisco web site.

The issue is one of support and not technical as the AT&T guy has mentioned.

However it seems that the R&D groups in Cisco do not talk to each other all the time and thus IIS alias's can be stamped on by the different groups. I have had this happen to me with trailhead.

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