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Personal Fast Dials Set up

Is there a way I can set up Personal Fast Dials for all users in my system(Callmanager 3.3) using some kind of a bulk edit tool like BAT.




Re: Personal Fast Dials Set up

As the fast dials are usually setup through the services, I do not see any way of adding them through tools like BAT. Any tricks out there?

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Re: Personal Fast Dials Set up

You can use the Cisco IP Phone Address Book Synchronizer to syncronize a pab to a given user. If you build the pab with all the default addressbook entries, you just have to change the name in the Synchronizer. All this does is add the address book entries. The fast dials still have to be set up manually. If you could find where the service stores the individual settings . . .

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Re: Personal Fast Dials Set up

With regard to adding the Fast Dials service to all phones or some phones within your IPT site, you can use BAT to do this. You need to look in the Update Phones page and see that you can add them one at a time using the form given on that page.

Note: you can add them but you cannot remove them. If you make a mistake, I have found that removing the service from Call Manager removes the incorrect service from all phones.......

hope this helps.

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