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Personal greeting playing twice.

Unity 3.0(2)<br>TSP 3.0(2)<br>CCM 3.1(2c)<br><br>Subscribers where deleted from one Unity server and imported successfully into another Unity server using the configured default sub template (as used & ok for all other imported users). These new users enrolled ok & recorded their personal voicemail greetings ok. The users are receiving vm ok, but when callers are forwarded to their vm their personal greeting plays twice! We have tried deleting and re-importing the users, forcing self-enrolment again, and changing their personal settings, same. <br>Any idea why their personal greeting may be playing twice?<br><br><br>I also have users that are being notified that they have a read receipt in VM when they select read receipt in Outlook 98. I cannot see any setting or reason why this may be happening?<br><br><br>


Re: Personal greeting playing twice.

I'm guessing the "reprompt user after..." value at the bottom of the greetings page on your template was set to replay the greeting 1 time. Typically this is off but you do have the option to force a greeting to play X times before moving on to the after greeting action (i.e. if you're expecting the user to select an option in a call handler).

Go to the subscriber account for one of these guys, open the greetings page for the greeting being played (probably standard), go to the bottom and see if that reprompt option is checked... I'm betting it is.

If you have a bunch of users you created this way you can use the BulkEdit tool off the 3.x Tools page on AnswerMonkey (recently updated) to change this option for everyone so you don't have to touch each subscriber one at a time. Set the "reprompt" times on the messages tab for subscribers to "0" and it'll clear that checkbox for all selected subscribers.

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