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Personal greeting

I recorded my personal standard greeting instead of using the system default. When the call is forwarded to Unity system. My persoal stanard greeting is being play. After that system play "you may record your message after the tone, when you finish you may hang up or hold for further option" then the beep sound. Is there anyway bypass the system play message and start record the message immediately after my personal greeting ?

Cisco Employee

Re: Personal greeting

Yes, you can disable this prompt system wide (i.e. not just for your subscriber). This thread contains the details of how to do that:

be aware that TAC does not support this and that if you run an upgrade to any other version of Unity later the change will be replaced and you'll have to perform these steps again.

Re: Personal greeting

Hello -

I had another thought on this ... do you have Caller Input for Greeting to have the # key SKIP the greeting? This may be the default (I am running 3.1(5) currently). While this doesn't replace the system prompt you asked about, callers can press the # sign and go immediately to recording.

Regards, Ginger

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Re: Personal greeting

Hi. I also recommend to my customers to say in the recording to press the pound key, but bottom line, they are complaining about this recording. Could we eventually have a product enhancement with another prompt in the conversion or message profile giving us the possibilite to choice or not to play this recording? Due to the fact that the solution provided by Jeff is not TAC supported, customers don't want to take any chances. Thanks

Cisco Employee

Re: Personal greeting

Have your account team make a PERs request for this feature - sure it can be done it's just work for the DB, SA and conversations folks - the product folks will only assign slices of development time to feature work if it's being driven from the field. Folks have asked for this type of thing before but requests don't bubble in through proper channels (i.e. the PER database) to the product folks and, as such, the work is never added to the plate.

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