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Phantom phones

Have experienced problems with some phones where the system seems to think they are forwarded to voicemail constantly thus all calls go directly into voicemail. I have reset the phones, hard reset them , restarted call manager 3.1(1), deleted the line number but the system still thinks the line is configured and forwarded to voicemail. I have one phone I completely deleted and the system still thinks it is configured. These problems have arisen out of changes I made to partitions, basically I have all the phones setup in an internal partition with unrestricted search space to allow a couple of internal phones to make internal calls only. Have had the above problem with only some of the phones coupled with the MWI not working on receipt of voicemail. I have configured the voice mail ports in the internal partition also and it works for most phones. Have also restarted the voicemail server and refreshed the MWI on the troubled phones to no avail. I know its not a timeout issue as the directory number for the phone I deleted is working for weeks now without any reference to it in the system. Please Help


Re: Phantom phones

Can't really say why this happens, but I've had similar experiences with the database not consistantly reflecting changes.

Try creating the phones again, I bet they come back with CFNA set. remove the setting and then delete the phones.

Also are you sure there are no matching Device profiles that have the same line number. Try creating the phone and see if it comes back as a shared line.


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Re: Phantom phones


Cheers 4 the speedy response. I tried re creating the phone from scratch to no avail, and their are no device profiles matching this number. Yet another annoying glitch in the system it seems. I am going to recreate the phone using a different physicial set (mac address) and see what happens. I had deleted another phone and set it up with a new number yet the old number without any association is still working, scarey stuff, I guess you can keep these Lines without setting up a dummy device ( dummy mac ).

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