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Phantom VoiceMail

We have several users that when they dials in to get voice mail, either internally or from outside, it says that he has (1) new voice mails. However when you try to retreive it just says"end the message, you still have one new message". also can't delete the message. The CCM is 3.2.2c with spE and Unity is 3.1.3c. Any suggestion????


Cisco Employee

Re: Phantom VoiceMail

Can you check this message in Outlook and see what it is? My best guess would be these users are members of the Unaddressed Messages distribution list and are getting messages that have bounced for one reason or another. There's a known issue that the message is marked as IPM.Note.Voice.Unity (which tags it as a voice mail) but since the NDR process bundles up the original message and includes it as an attachment, the Unity conversation can't get at it readily - as such it's offered as a voice mail but when it goes to crack open the WAV file it's looking for it fails and skips to the end.

That's just a guess, however - you'll want to pop open the message itself with a desktop client and take a look. You'll also want to check the application event log for errors around the time folks try to open one of these messages as it could also be an ill formed WAV file or something similiar.

Re: Phantom VoiceMail

Hi -

We had a new user complaining of a problem that sounds similar to this post. He was attempting to listen to a message from the TUI and could not beyond a message. Unity would prompt him to press 4 to replay the message over and over. Turns out he does return receipt on everything. I'm changing the Unity advanced setting this evening to "Exclude return receipts from voice mail stack" as mentioned in Cisco article

Maybe this will help someone who encounters the same problem.

Sincerely, Ginger

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Re: Phantom VoiceMail

After delete the subscribers and add again, the phantom voicemails has gone.


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