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Phased Upgrade: 3.0(3) to 3.1(5), E55 to E2K, Simple to Enhanced Failover

Existing System: 3.0(3), UM, E55 Off-Box, Simple Failover

Desired System: 3.1(5), UM, E2K Off-Box, Enhanced Failover.

I have read most of the docs relating to this migration and I am still not 100% on how to pull this off. Here are the givens and what I need to accomplish both in Exchange Land and in Unity Land...without making this an E ticket ride. Thanks!

-E55 housing existing Unity and Email accounts.

-E2K server in same network, all AD Schema extended, two-way connector in place to existing E55 Server.

-I have a massive amount of email to move from E55 to E2K (upwards of 40 GB).

-I need to be able to move X amount of users, say 10 per night off of the E55 box and on to the E2K box.

- I want to upgrade from 3.0(3) to 3.1(5) simple failover to enhanced failover.

-I am integrated with Nortel Meridian 1 platform.

-I need to do this at 4 sites.

Your help in pointing me down the correct path would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Phased Upgrade: 3.0(3) to 3.1(5), E55 to E2K, Simple to Enha

Since you have a two-way connector setup between AD and Exchange 5.5, E2K/AD is aware of all the users in Exchange 5.5

If you upgrade the 3.0.3 system to 3.1.5,

- Make sure that the Exchange 5.5 permissions are setup according to the Unity 3.1 Install Guide

- You will need to uninstall the simple failover

- Uninstall Unity from the secondary box

- Upgrade Primary from 3.0.3 to 3.1.5

- Point it to the Exchange 2000 Server

- Install Unity on the secondary box

- Setup enhanced failover on primary

- Setup enhanced failover on secondary

As you migrate users from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000, the marvels of the Directory Monitor kick in and make those changes in Unity.

This should at least give you a starting point. Please respond if you have additional questions.

Steve Allwine

Spanlink Communications

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