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Phone app load

I have a CCM cluster running 3.2(2c). I also have a lab cluster running 4.1(3). A couple of the phones were plugged into the lab cluster for testing purposes and had their app load updated. Now when I put the phones back into their original 3.2(2c) cluster, I get an error when the phone boots up due to the app load not being found (although the phone still boots). How can I clear the app load from the phone so I don't get this error?

Thanks, Glenn


Re: Phone app load

You can't, but it shouldn't really be a problem.

A couple years ago, beginning with the 5.0(x) series of phone application loads, a "signed load" concept was introduced. It was intended to prevent tampering with the phone's software by preventing any loads that don't pass verification from being accepted by the phone. A phone that's been upgraded to 5.0(1) or newer can't be downgraded below that, to any non-signed load. Your CallManager 4.1(3) cluster is likely using 7.2(2) or 7.2(3) loads, so those are definitely signed.

All new loads are compatible with CallManager 3.1 and above, so while the phone may complain at startup if your 3.2(2c) cluster is instructing it to downgrade, the phone should function fine. You have the option of downloading just the newer loads from CCO and upgrading all of the phones on your 3.2(2c) cluster if you wish. Another minimally-invasive option is to copy the new loads over and use the 'Phone Load Name' field on the Phone configuration page to instruct your upgraded phones to stay on that load, which will silence the boot-time complaint while leaving the rest of your phones alone.

Release notes for 7940/7960 load 5.0(1a), which is old but it explains the signed load concept:

Place to download new phone app loads:

New phones that you receive from manufacturing or via the RMA process may or may not have signed loads installed. Signed loads will become the rule rather than the exception for any new phones you receive. If you have no immediate plans to upgrade your 3.2(2c) cluster, you should be prepared to deal with this.

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