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Phone Description in CUCM 7.0

In CUCME the description used in the ephone-dn appears in the phone display next to the time and date. Is there any way to do the same thing with CUCM 7.0 ?


Re: Phone Description in CUCM 7.0

The External Phone Mask of the DN assigned to the first line is what shows up next to the time and date on CM.

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Re: Phone Description in CUCM 7.0

Nice idea chad, but i think this should only be used to manipulate the outgoing number.

The Topic starter needs the field : Line Text Label

This will show up instead of the number next to the line button.



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Re: Phone Description in CUCM 7.0

Hi Graham,

Just thought I would add a note to the great tips from Chad and Chris (+5 points each guys:)

Directory Number Configuration Page

Line Settings for this Device - Changes affect only this device

Line Text Label - Replaces the DN (Numeric) with selected text - next to related Line Button

External Phone Number Mask - is what is shown in the upper "right-hand" corner of the IP phone display (next to Time & Date)

Hope this helps!


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Re: Phone Description in CUCM 7.0

Thanks guys, I knew about the line text label, but its the Header Bar Display I'm interested in. User would like to see a name there. Looks like its not possible at the external phone number mask character set will not allow that.

So I guess its line text label or nothing

Odd that CUCME and CUCM offer different functionality.

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