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phone didn't reregistered to subscriber

we have branch office with ip phones 7940, newest firmware. THey are primarely registered to subscriber. In the HEADQUARTER is subscriber and publisher. Between headq. and branch office is one optical and one microwave line. If one line is down all traffic is rerouted to second line.

The issue is: optical line felt down, all phones at branch office reregistered sent keepalive to subscriber via new microwave line, but one phone not.

The phone just had this message "cm down, features disabled". When i restarted phone, everything was fine.

My question is why did it happened, why phone did not find subscriber again? Was it beacuse of some short timer?

Thank you for answer



Re: phone didn't reregistered to subscriber

That phone was likely on a call at the time of failover.

A phone can't rehome to another CallManager unless it's idle. If it's idle, it'll register with the next available CallManager or SRST router as soon as it loses communication with the CallManager it's homed to. If you're on the phone, it will say "CM down, features disabled" until you hang up, at which time it will go ahead and reregister.

The idea is that you don't disrupt a call in progress. The phones are capable of maintaining a voice stream even if it's lost communication with CallManager. Rehoming to another CallManager involves resetting the phone, which would cut you off. So, it waits for you to finish.

If the phone continued to say "CM down, features disabled" for any appreciable amount of time after you hung up, there is probably something wrong.

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